Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater the main purpose of solar water heaters was to produce hot water for various household and commercial uses. The water heater converts solar energy into heat energy and the same heat energy is then used to increase the temperature of the water. Being very efficient in the summer seasons, it can convert 80% of solar energy into heat energy. In the winter seasons the percentage decreases from 80 % to 20-25 %. A small solar water heater is an ideal solution for producing hot water for household purposes such as bathing. Whereas a huge and extensive solar water heater can be used for wider applications like producing huge amount of hot water for commercial and agricultural purposes.

Key Features
• The Solar Water heater are designed to perfectly fit water use and to supply hot water for household use.
• Where there is no electricity and scarcity of power solar water heaters comes to handy use and are the best alternative to produce hot water.
• The solar power water heaters are easy to install and they require very less maintenance.We provide various models of Solar Water heaters and Solar equipments and water pumps.

How does it work
• The suns energy is absorbed through the solar collector.
• Cold water circulates from the bottom of the tank through the collector.
• Water is heated by the sun and returned to storage tank.
• You can enjoy efficiently produced hot water on demand.
• In the event of prolong adverse weather, a backup heating element ensures ample supply of water


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