Solar Water Heater FPC Hard Water 2C

BOSCH Solar Water Heater  FPC Hard Water 2C (Pressurised/ Non-Pressurised)

Bosch Solar Water Heater Available at India

A Bosch Solar Hot Water System is a `thermosiphon’ solar system with the storage tank and solar collectors both mounted on the roof. This system’s design eliminates the need for a solar pump, and is suitable for all types of typical Indian climates.
BOSCH Invented for life

Domestic Capacity: 100LPD to 500LPD

Commercial Capacity: 500LPD to 500000LPD

Features & Benefits

  • High-efficiecy European-designed solar collec-tors that are light-weight and easy to handle with better aesthetic
  • 25% higher storage capacity per collector
  • Collector frame made from weather-resistant aluminum
  • Premium quality materials protect main compon-ents against corrosion extending the product life
  • Structures and hydraulics sets are designed for faster, comfortable and reliable installations
  • Screw less GERMAN design Virtually makes impossible to steal absorber sheets from the collector; theft proof design
  • Environmentally friendly – reduced Co, emissions
  • Energy efficient – saving you money

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