Solar Street Lights

Introduction of Solar Street Lights
Streets and other need where lighting is need.Solar road lights, according to their publicity sources, are generally distributed into LED solar highway lights; LPS solar street lights, HED solar street lights, LVD solar street lights and Wind-Hybrid Solar Street Light.Solar street lights, harmonious to its rod height, could be distributed 4M solar way light, 5M solar way lights, 6M solar street lights, 7M solar street lights, 8M Solar street lights, 9M solar street lights, 10M solar way lights and 12M Solar street lights.
Solar Lighting Features
HID High-Output Light fixtures that are rated at the top of the industry for efficiency, output, and reliability.
Made in the USA components and systems.
Battery Backup to provide overcast protection (enables continued operation after a number of cloudy days) and system autonomy.
Efficient, renewable, and clean energy lighting.
Financial Benefits
• Lower upfront costs compared to traditional lights – lower    material costs and lower installation/maintenance costs
• No monthly operating costs – commercial solar lights and solar  billboards use the power of the sun to operate, not a traditional  electric connection – this means no monthly electric bills
• Increased business – you will find that many of your clients and    customers are very interested in green services, and have a strong  desire to work with a green company, a company that sells green  products or offers green services
• Charge premium prices – many customers will pay a premium  (higher) price for green products and services, or to do business  with a green company – combined with your lower operating costs,  this is a great way to make your investment in commercial solar  lights or solar billboard lights pay for themselves over and over

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