Solar Petrol Pump Inverter 1 Nozzle

Solar Petrol Pump Inverter 1 Nozzle at a time (Petrol or Diesel)

Solar Hybrid Inverter and Solar Petrol Pump Inverter , both can run petrol pump machinery – Myth (False)
Answer- Only Solar Petrol Pump Inverter can run petrol pump machinery smoothly, because there is High Crest Feature in Solar Petrol Pump Inverter.

• The suns energy is absorbed through the solar collector.
• Cold water circulates from the bottom of the tank through the collector.
• Water is heated by the sun and returned to storage tank.
• You can enjoy efficiently produced hot water on demand.
• In the event of prolong adverse weather, a backup heating element ensures ample supply of water

• High Crest Factor 5:1 (Most Important Feature)
• MPPT/PWM Charge Controller
• In-build Isolation Transformer
• Priority : Solar-Grid-Battery
• Solar-Battery-Grid

• Petrol pumps take a very high initial current when the motor begins to dispense the fuel.

• This current is 10 times that of the running current! (48A of initial current as opposedto 4A of running current)
• Petrol Pump motor operating voltage 180V-250V and the efficiency is higher at certain input AC voltage (depending on the make of the motor)
• Current DG sets or the regular inverters don’t meet these specific requirements well!


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