Solar Petrol Pump Inverter 2 Nozzles

Solar Petrol Pump Inverter 2 Nozzles at a time (Petrol or Diesel)

PP-SM-2N: Solar Plant of Capacity 1440Wp size with 4 hours Battery Bank , suitable PCU with High Crest ratio & Module Mounting structure.

Main Features:

  • High Crest Factor 5:1 (Most Important Feature)
    MPPT/PWM Charge Controller
    In-build Isolation Transformer
    Priority : Solar-Grid-Battery
  • Weather resistant ABS enclosure with clear acrylic lens.
  • High Performance Charger Controller cum omverter circuit.
  • Protection against battery deep discharge, overcharge & reverse charge current for better battery life.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Multiple LED Indicators
  • Robust & sturdy design

Fact OR Myth

– Solar Hybrid Inverter and Solar Petrol Pump Inverter , both can run petrol pump machinery – Myth (False)
Answer- Only Solar Petrol Pump Inverter can run petrol pump machinery smoothly, because there is High Crest Feature in Solar Petrol Pump Inverter.


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