Solar Charge Controller

Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V / 24V 50AMP (50 Amp)-1200 Watt

The Solar Charge Controller is a Micro-Controller Unit(MCU) supported digital controller, with LCD display giving detailed information about your battery charging and loading conditions. It will charge your battery in a healthful Pulse Width Modulation(PWM) mode which will automatically stop charging when your battery is completely charged and disconnects the load when battery is low. The load/light can be controlled in a dusk-to-rise method or in timer mode with digital accuracy. It automatically connects the loads at sunset and disconnects at sunrise or in timer mode. This feature is very useful for 12/24V DC solar lighting purposes. The LCD display gives a user friendly information for Solar Charging status, Battery status, and Load status. For technical specifications of this device please assign to the third picture in this listing.


  • MCU controlled digitally accurate device with 12V/24V auto distinguish
  • Ammeter to measure current of battery charging, Amp Hour meter to measure the Power units produced by your panels
  • State of Charge, Battery Status, Load status indication via a Large LCD display
  • Protects your batteries from Overcharging or Over Discharge, thereby increasing their working life
  • Charges battery in PWM Control mode
  • Prevents Reverse Current to Solar Panels during Night time
  • Easy to install, lightweight, and compact in size
  • Temperature compensation
  • Adjustable Dusk-to-dawn function and Settable timer controlled loading
  • Short Circuit, overload and Reverse polarity protection
  • Works with conventional flooded lead acid batteries, SMF batteries, Gel and AGM batteries etc.
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