Solar Mobile Charger

Solar Mobile Charger

Solar charger for common usage with Slim and light for out door activities. The economical and bionomical solution for recharging anywhere any mobile phones, MP3 players, Video project, GPS, Cameras, Camcorder.Solar charger employs solar energy to provide electricity to devices or charge batteries. They are generally supportable. Mobile phones are one of the maximum used accessories and business equipment, and it is always learned to have your mobile phones battery charged. When not charged, one could face a business loss.



  • High Performance Mono-Crystalline Solar panels.
  • Wireless charging (Buit-in USB charging Key).
  • The Li-Ion battery inside can store the solar energy.
  • The Solar Tablet can be recharged either from the solar energy, from the mains or any USB port of a computer.
  • Stainless and acryl surface


  • Uses low input voltage to produce high voltage spikes of output for charging
  • Reduce environmental pollution
  • Utilize renewable sources
  • Bring convenience to the users
  • To save the electricity bill cost in the long run
  • Useful for users in remote areas and portable for travelers
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