Solar Inverter 800VA Diamond

Solar Hybrid Inverter 800VA (Diamond Model)

A 800va diamond inverter will supply 800 watts to a resistive load (such as lights). A reactive load (such as motors) will have to be derated by the
power factor. Most motor devices (like refrigerator) have a very high motor start current requirement, and invertors do not have much reserve surge power
capability. So motor devices may have to be limited to 400 watts or even less to function properly.

Solar Hybrid Inverter starting from Rs.34,490/-  (After 60% Discount)

• Hybrid (solar as well as AC)charging.
• 12 V battery operation (other voltages also available)
• 10 to 40 AMP solar PV charger.
• 14V to 19V panel voltage.
• AC charging starts 100VA onwards.
• Tublar/ conventional batteries.
• High solar charging efficiency >95%.
• Inverter efficiency > 80%.
• Highly reliable design.


• From this Solar Inverter you can fun your normal AC Appliance
• 25 Years Solar Panels Warranty*
• 5 Years Solar Battery Warranty
• Solar Hybrid Inverters with DSP Tech and In-build Solar Charge Controller.

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