Solar Inverter 1500VA Gold

Solar Hybrid Inverter 1500VA 24V (Gold Model)

A 1500va gold solar hybrid inverter is a piece of the solar energy puzzles.its purpose is to change the direct current electricity that is generated from a photovoltatic grid.because all photovoltaic panels produce electricity in dc,an 1500va gold wave solar hybrid inverter is required for all 1500va solar power systems to make the selctricity usable.we are largest and oldest 1500va dsp gold  solar hybrid inverters manufacturer in delhi,india.we offer dsp based sine wave solar hybrid inverters from 600va to 5kva.we also have high frequency dsp based gold solar inverters  for 600va and 1500va ratings for bulk oem buyers.

Solar Hybrid Inverter starting from Rs.74,000/-  (After 60% Discount)
• Dsp/micro-controller based
• Compact and portable
• Pollution free
• Silent
• Maintenance free
• In built three stage intelligent solar charge controller
• Option for true sine wave or modified sine wave
• Hybrid inverter dual charger-ac main
• Efficiency more then 90%
• Pwm charging with temperature compention
• With built in battery saver to increase battery life
• Dusk/dawn feature to improve efficiency
• Reduced overall system cost
• Protection-deep discharged battery,overloads,short circuit,over charging
• Indication-load, low battery, charging ,over load, fault


From this Solar Inverter you can fun your normal AC Appliance

  • 25 Years Solar Panels Warranty*
  • 5 Years Solar Battery Warranty
  • Solar Hybrid Inverters with DSP Tech and In-build Solar Charge Controller.
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