Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

Solar cookers are ovens that span the sun’s rays and use them to produce a origin of heat. They can be usageto heated food or drink, cook food, or sterilize drinking water.Solar cookers are familiar in the developing Earth these days- they can be very inexpensive, someapproach as purchase as $5. They assume’t require any fuel or electricity, which cuts down on operant costs as well. Since fire wood isn’t usage, they help cut down on deforestation (and the often-following desertification). They’re also safer, as wood range can be a fireadventure.But solar cookers can be useful to those living in the western world as well. They offer an alternative to cooking with conventional heater, if say, you waste power. They can also be helpful if you spend lots of time outdoors .


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Pack Away (packed away size just 40cmH x 48cmD x 56cmW)
  • Easy to regulate Temperature
  • High Temperatures for Baking / Roasting
  • Large Cooking Size (33cm x 33cm)
  • Usable Cooking Height (16 – 26cm with levelling base or 18 – 29cm without)
  • Well Insulated – will keep food hot for hours after sun goes down!
  • Very LIght & Compact
  • Very Large Reflector Surface Area (4 reflectors 40cm x 56cm plus 36cm x 36cm direct) Approx one full square meter of collection area!
  • Quality Polished reflectors.
  • NO PLASTIC inside the cooking area! A quality metal finish is used to avoid the many problems and potential health risks of plastic)
  • Well Insulated – will keep food hot for hours after sun goes down!
  • High Quality Materials and Construction
  • Built in Thermometer
  • Self-Levelling Internal Base


  • Health Promoting – Vital Nutrition in the food is not lost due
  • Health – avoidance of cancerous compounds from burnt food
  • Health Risks of Smoke from Cooking Fire is Eliminated
  • Health Damaging Microwave Radiation is Avoided
  • Food Tastes Better – cooked in own juices
  • Food Is Better – vital nutrition is not lost
  • Food Feels Better – more succulent & not dry
  • Food Stays Great – no hots spots = no burning!
  • Saves Time – no need to stir, watch or be present
  • Saves Sanity – come home to a hot home cooked meal after work!
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