Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controler

A solar charge controller or regulator is a small box consisting of solid state circuits pcb which is placed between a solar panel and a battery. Its activity is to adjust the amount of charge coming from the panel that flows into the battery bank in order to evade the batteries being overcharged.A charge controller limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from electric batteries. It stop overcharging and may prevent against overvoltage, which can reduce battery performance or lifespan, and may pose a safety risk. It may also prevent completely draining a battery, or perform controlled discharges, depending on the battery technology, to protect battery life.A solar charge controller is needed in virtually all solar power systems that utilise batteries. The job of the solar charge controller is to regulate the power going from the solar panels to the batteries. Overcharging batteries reduce battery life and at worst damage the batteries to the point that they are unusable.


  •  Every Module is made with high efficiency mono -crystalline silicon cell with silicon nitride anti-reflection coating.
  • High tempered, low iron, high transitivity glass.
  • Encapsulated by EVA high quality back Tedlar , are used for extended outdoor use.
  • IP-65 Junction Box with built in 3 bypass Diodes are used to minimise power drop cause by shade.
  • Framed with a strong, robust and anodised aluminum profile with multiple holes for ease of installation as per customer’s requirements.
  • Resistant to water, abrasion & hail impact.
  • Module are designed to meet IEC 61215 requirements 10 Years limited warranty on power output as per MNRE norm. Optional: 2×90 cm, 4 mm 2 Plug & play cable.
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