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Compact fluorescent light bulbs may be changeable, but they do have a few issues that put populate off. First, they communicate their best effect when left on for 15minutes or longer. Switching CFLs on and off will contract their animation and may decrease their ability, mainly because the excitation of the gases and of thefluorescent coating take some exposure to an voltaic current to hear an best level. CFLs are also ineffectual in surrounded, secluded fixtures (too hot) and in thefixtures of garage-door openers (too much vibration). Finally, CFL bulbs can, in rare cases, interfere with electronic establishment. This interference is principle byinfrared (IR) light.



  • The benefits of CFLs have been grabbing headlines for the last two to three years. Indeed, if you were to focus only on the buzz surrounding CFLs, you might think that changing out your incandescent bulbs in favor of their spiral cousins would be a complete no-brainer.
  • As we’ll see later, CFLs do present some challenges and concerns. But their benefits are far more numerous.These would be dubious benefits if CFLs didn’t perform well or couldn’t be used in many applications, but they are, in fact, quite versatile. Several manufacturers make compact fluorescent light bulbs that can be used with dimmer switches and in three-way lamps.
  • And many CFL bulbs can be used outdoors as long as the fixture is enclosed. Most importantly, they give off good light. In a 2007 study conducted by Popular Mechanics, CFLs burned almost as bright and produced a better quality light than a 75-watt incandescent bulb.
  • The environment comes out ahead, too. A good deal of electricity coming from coal-fired power plants gets directed to the lamps and light fixtures inside your house.
  • If you’re saving energy by using CFLs, then you’re pulling less electricity from the power grid. This reduces the amount of coal that must be burned, which reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. In a single year, the use of CFLs over incandescent bulbs removes as much greenhouse gas pollution as taking 2 million cars off the road .


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