3HP Solar Water Pump System Submersible

3HP Solar Water Pump System Submersible

3HP Solar Water Pump for Agriculture Use from Eco World Solar

Eco World Solar offer solar PV panel operated submersible or surface pumping solutions.

Models Available:

1. Submersible

2. Monoblock surface pumping

0.5HP to 10HP solar water pumps.

These are useful for
Drinking water supply
Agricultural water pumping
Industrial water supply

Main features are:
Dusk to down operation
MPPT controller for high efficiency
Low cost
No maintenance cost
Battery less or with battery operation
Easy to install
High efficiency>95%
3 phase AC operation.
Panel wattage – 3000W.
Dyanic lift head – 160feet.

5 Years Warranty on the Control Unit
25 Years Performance warranty of Solar Panel


Type Performance Investment cost Continuous investment Installation Limit Maintenance Pollution Automatic Reliability Stability
Diesel pump High Lower Increasing
(Fuel cost, fuel transportation)
None Much Heavy None High High
Electric pump Higher Lowest Increasing
(Electricity cost)
Grid limited None Heavy None Higher Higher
Solar pump Highest Low None None Little None Full Highest Highest
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